Thursday, December 13, 2007

1167. A spectacle soldering clamp, patented in 1905, number 799,552.

Thanks to Ron White, Mid-West Tool Collectors “Whats Its?” Chairman, for identifying this tool

1168. Hall's Mineral Rod, supposedly used as a dowsing rod for finding ore, the type that you're looking for is placed in the container. Unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone, "owing to lack of magnetism in the operator", as explained in the instructions below:

Larger image

Larger image

1169. Disc golf target

1170. Lineman's or tower worker's hand line hook, when high off the ground they would lower this hook on a rope and pull up equipment when needed.

Text on this side reads: "Max. working load 500 lbs.", "Do not apply load between tip and this line", and "Apply load here".

1171. Don't yet know how this tool is used.

Larger image

1172. Self Starting Cigar Lighter, a newer one with the box can be seen here.

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